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Health club owners are facing competition like never before. At ReEnvision, we have decades of experience owning and operating some of the largest brands in the fitness industry and understand challenges that the health club owners are facing. We can drive more members, increase member retention as well as provide new lines of revenue by working with healthcare and wellness partners in your community. With physicians starting to be reimbursed for the improvement of their patient’s health, an opportunity for the fitness industry has been created which will drive more business to the health club owner if they properly position themselves in the market they serve.

We understand that the health club operator and healthcare professionals are so busy that they are unable to completely take advantage of the new healthcare model; therefore, at ReEnvision we do all the heavy lifting. Where most companies charge the health club operator to assist them in working with physicians, we pay the health club owner and we handle the medical relationships.

Our unique, diverse solutions, enable health club owners to focus on their core business of selling memberships, personal training and other goods and services while being able to set the health club owner’s business apart from the other competitors in their market.

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